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Is your key bundle taking over your life?

10/20/2013 Back To Blog

How many keys do you currently have on your key chain? If you do not the exact number by heart it definitely means you have one key to many. The key situation may really become insupportable one especially when you are in type of business that implies certain supervision of buildings, workshops or offices. People usually feel overwhelmed with just the basic keys they have that usually include their home keys, car keys, garage keys, office keys, post box keys and maybe some other locker room keys. If on top of all these keys you add the summer home key, the other car key, the apartment key, the bike chain key, some kind of shop or workshop key you might as well loose half of your day (each day) trying to fit a right key into the right lock. Not to mention that pretty soon you will need to hire someone to help you carry a special bag for your keys.

Excuse me mam, but are you the janitor?

It sounds absurd and ridiculous we know. And we bet how that is exactly how you feel most of the time when you are trying to figure out which key on your great bundle serves to open which lock. Well if you had it up to your neck playing the lost janitor role then we advise you to do something about your key situation before it takes over your life completely.

Call your locksmith

What you can do is to seek help from your locksmith. One of the things he will surely propose to you is to substitute all of your keys and locks with a very simple solution – just one lock and one great master key. This in fact might be a very sweet deal for you – many keys for one key; many troubles for one solution.

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